KI Discus Test

KI-DiscusCritical Certification (Vic) is one of only a handful of ┬átesting companies in Australia that can offer testing to AS 1807.26 generally called the “KI Discus Test”. It is important to ensure that a biological safety cabinet is functioning correctly and that it is also situated in a location that does not have a detrimental impact on the performance of the unit to provide the necessary personnel protection.Considering the potentially hazardous nature of the work being performed in a cabinet, it is important to have reassurance that it is functioning safely. The use of the KI Discus test offers this protection.

The test is performed not just once but over a series of repetitions and records the effectiveness of the air barrier during an increased time frame. It is also worth noting that this test is performed as part of the normal tests associated with AS2252.2.

In recent years a significant number of cabinets have been imported for use in Australia. Very few of these imported units are designed with the Australian standards in mind and are often factory tested to alternative international standards in some cases using the KI Discus test. It therefore follows that the best means of ensuring that the cabinet is being set up to the optimal condition will be by the use of the KI Discus test (AS1807.26) integrated by Australian Standards.

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