Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination

clean-room-decontaminationWe offer Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide decontamination services for Biological Safety Cabinets, Incubators and Refrigerators and other small equipment. We also offer a hydrogen peroxide decontamination service for clean room / facilities.

Until recent years BSC (biological safety cabinets) were decontaminated using Formaldehyde, a substance that has now been classified as a carcinogen by the World Health Organisation. The formaldehyde decontamination process is unpleasant for the personnel involved and is potentially dangerous, being explosive and an irritant by nature. During a decontamination using formaldehyde a facility is evacuated and it is generally considered unsafe to re-enter the facility for many hours after.

With the Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide process used by Critical Certification (Vic) ¬†there is no need for such evacuations as the process is contained within the equipment being decontaminated and in maintained as such under negative pressure. On completion of the “Kill”¬†cycle of the process, the hydrogen peroxide is passed through catalysts that breaks the fumigant down into harmless residue free Water vapour and Oxygen. During the various stages of the decontamination process, the environment around the equipment is monitored using specialized sensory equipment. This ensures that there is no leakage and that it is safe for personnel to remain working in the facility whilst the decontamination is in operation.

Your safety is our key concern.

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